Kevin Smith To Get More Attention With Comic Book Reality Show

Monday, June 6 by

Writer/Director/Silent Actor Kevin Smith is venturing into the world of reality television. He has plans to executive produce a show for AMC that will focus on his comic book store The Secret Stash, located in New Jersey.

The producers went to Facebook to issue a casting call for comic-book fans aged 21-35, in what will almost surely be the polar opposite of “Th Jersey Shore.” A bunch of pasty white folks that are exceedingly polite and know how to read.

This announcement is part of an initiative by AMC to get into a more highbrow type of reality programming. They already have shows on tap that follow the inner workings of the Department of Homeland Security (“Inside the DHS”) and an ad agency pitching concepts and campaigns to clients (“Pitch”).

Prepare the “slutty” comic book girl on Smith’s new show to become the most popular woman in the history of the Internet.

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