Kevin Smith, the divisive director who has been burned in every possible way by Hollywood, is going to turn a profit on his new film Red State on his own terms. Smith, ever the director with a desire to connect with his audience, is taking his film on the road in the coming months, screening it in several cities before its official release date in October. The film is causing quite a stir at Sundance right now, from protests from the Westboro Baptist Church, to counter protests by fans of the director, to positive reviews, there's a buzz surrounding the film already.

Smith is promising early screenings in multiple cities, along with his trademark Q & A sessions to follow. He's also promised to brin Red State star Michael Parks along as well, and has hinted at some vague "cool shit" in addition. But, it's going to cost you. Smith has said that the tickets will cost somewhere in the ballpark of “probably 6, 7, maybe 10 times” the price of a regular movie admission. Let's hope that "cool shit" includes an iPad, or a Pruis.

Kevin Smith's "Red State USA Tour" Dates:

March 5th – Radio City Music Hall
March 6th – Wilbur Theater in Boston
March 8th – Harris Theater in Chicago
March 9th – State Theater in Minneapolis
March 10th – Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor
March 11th – Indianapolis, IN
March 12th - Midland Theater, Kansas City
March 14th – Springfield, OH
March 22nd – Paramount Theater, Denver
March 26th - McCalister theater, New Orleans
March 28th – Paramount Theater, Austin
March 29th – Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta

April 4th – McCaw Hall in Seattle