Kevin Costner Is Superman’s Superdad

Thursday, March 17 by

If you build a Superman reboot, Kevin Costner will come. Specifically, he’ll come on board as Clark Kent’s dad for Zack Snyder‘s Superman: Man of Steel.

It’s being reported that Costner has been officially cast as Jonathan “Dadman” Kent, opposite Diane Lane as Martha Kent, along with Britishy Brit Henry Cavill as the cape-wearing flying dude himself. Superman: Man of Steel has even been added to Costner’s Wikipedia filmography, and the Wikipedia is always right, all the time.

The casting move gives the superhero action film broader appeal. Even though this movie will undoubtedly be aimed at precious teens and young adults, old folk money is still technically considered legal tender in America.

Warner Bros. is currently hoping to POW this into theaters December 2012. (Deadline)

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