Kenan Thompson has been picked as the next star of a Lorne Michaels' produced film featuring SNL players. He's in luck, too, cause these things always do really well. My family still gathers around the tube everything Thanksgiving to watch It's Pat: The Movie, so this news has special meaning to me. In case you were wondering, we toss in Coneheads at Christmas.

It's unlikely that this film will feature a Good Burger reunion with his good friend Kel, which is unfortunate, because Kel could probably use the work. While no plot details are available, we are able to glean everything we need to know from the title: Party Starters. One can safely assume that in much the same manner that Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crashed weddings, Kenan and someone else (Elijah Wood?) will start parties. Sounds like a "can miss" premise to me! (Deadline)