Keanu Reeves Proves ‘Bill & Ted 3′ Will Have A Plot

Monday, August 13 by

Feeling pressure to get into production before he’s age-appropriate for the Expendables franchise, Keanu Reeves is eager to get filming on a third Bill & Ted movie. Although rumors have swirled about the film for some time, there was never any concrete info released. While the film may not have funding yet, thanks to an interview Reeves did with GQ, we at least know what adventure and/or journey they will take us on this time.

The new script, from creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, finds Bill and Ted having been “crushed by the responsibility of having to write the greatest song ever written and to change the world. And they haven’t done it.”

“So everybody is kind of like: ‘Where is the song?’ The guys have just drifted off into esoterica and lost their rock.”

“We go on this expedition, go into the future to find out if we wrote the song, and one future ‘us’ refuses to tell us, and another future ‘us’ blames us for their lives because we didn’t write the song, so they’re living this terrible life,” Reeves said. “In one version we’re in jail; in another we’re at some kind of highway motel and they hate us.”

Makes sense seeing as “Trapped in the Closet” already exists as the greatest song ever written.


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