Keanu Reeves Bides His Time in ‘Passengers’

Wednesday, January 27 by

Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in Gabriele Muccino‘s Passengers, a date-rape love story with a sci-fi bent. Set in the future, Reeves is a member of a crew on board a spacecraft making a 100-year trip to a new planet via cryogenic sleep. 10 years into their journey, he is woken up and doomed to spend the rest of his life on the craft. So what does he do? Well, when fapping gets old he commits the ultimate dick move and wakes up the hottest chick with the hope that she’ll want to join the 200,000 Mile High Club with him. But will she want to knock moon-boots once she finds out it was he who woke her? Not if she doesn’t find out.

We got our hands on an exclusive script excerpt. Check it out:

KEANU REEVES is reluctant to wake up the HOT CHICK. He lightly taps on her cryotube. It gets louder and louder.
            Hey… you up? Hey.
            You up?
                (longer beat)
HOT CHICK awakes.
            Oh, hey. You’re up.


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