The sexiest woman alive (according to Esquire) is going to lend her...charms to Piranha 3DD. The extra "D" is for "extra-dramatic performances." Or huge breasts. Only time will tell.

[post-album postid="205635" item="2"] Bowden, best known as the uber-hot Cerie on"30 Rock," has thus far participated in some decent television ("Psych," "Ugly Betty") and some bad films (Sex Drive, The Shortcut). It appears the trend continues, barring a revelatory performance by Dave Koechner in Piranha 3DD. In addition to Koechner and Bowden, the cast also "boasts" Gary Busey, and a whole grip of lesser-known actors.

I wonder how she's going to get into character as a hot chick. I bet she's gonna go method.