You may have noticed a severe drop in the number of Katherine Heigl movies over the past few years but you should know that has nothing to do with the rumors that Katherine Heigl is difficult to work with. So says Katherine Heigl.

While doing a Television Critics Association panel for her new NBC series, State of Affairs, Heigl was railroaded by reporters who were not interested in her show and much more interested in the rumors that she is a b-word. State of Affairs showrunner Ed Bernero tried to intervene for a visibly uncomfortable Heigl, but was silenced by critics who maintain that Heigl answer.

Heigl defended her checkered reputation by saying, "I certainly don't see myself as being difficult; I would never intend to be difficult... It's always important to everybody to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully and kindly, so if I have ever disappointed somebody, it was never intentional."

This defense makes a lot of sense if you don't consider all of those times where Katherine Heigl has publicly exhibited difficult behaviors. So there you have it, Katherine Heigl = not difficult. On a sidenote, Katherine Heigl would also like you to know that she never hunted homeless people for sport. Definitely didn't happen. In case that's something that you heard too. (THR)