[post-album postid="216459" item="2"]UPDATE: EW reports that Josh Brolin is taking on the other lead as the "large, fearsome man" that Winslet's character finds bleeding. The Coen Bros. have made sure he's got that down pat.

Kate Winslet wants to take off her serious face and put on her not as serious face. The actress is in talks to star in Labor Day, Jason Reitman's adaption of the Joyce Maynard novel that he'll write and direct. Winslet will play "a single mother of a young son who takes in a stranger with a dangerous past. She falls in love with him over the course of Labor Day Weekend." So no, it's not a pregnancy comedy, if that's what you were thinking. We all know Jason Reitman tackled that subject in Juno, and he can't possibly come up with anymore quirky synonyms for "baby" or "woman with child." (Deadline)