It seems like Kate Beckinsale is always shooting an Underworld movie. Her iCal is probably filled with Underworld shooting dates until 2028, when they wrap filming on Underworld 10: Revengence Unleashed. However, if she's looking for break, Sony will give her one in Total Recall form.

Beckinsale has been surprisingly chosen by remake director Len Wiseman, her husband, to play Lori - the quote-unquote-wife of our very confused hero Douglas Quaid, played by Colin Farrell. The role of Lori was originally played by Sharon Stone in the Paul Verhoeven version, which there was absolutely nothing wrong with. Currently, Beckinsale is shooting - another shocker, folks - Underworld 4. So we'll if she's too busy Lycan-hunting to take the gig.

Meanwhile, Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are apparently circling the part of Melina. (Deadline)