As was the case with the fifth film in the Highlander series, Justin Lin will be far too busy making the fifth film in The Fast And The Furious franchise to make the fourth sequel to The Terminator. But that's not to say that he isn't interested in eventually making another Terminator sequel should the world decide that it needs one.

The current plan by rights holder/awesome billionaire Megan Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger is to impregnate their housekeeper. Oops. Can cross that one off the list? The current plan is actually to put the first of two Terminator films into production in the fourth quarter of 2012. Which is exactly when Justin Lin will be making Vin Diesel and Paul Walker steal cargo from the underbelly of a speeding jet. However, Lin has been very involved with conceptualizing the upcoming Terminator film and wants to be involved should schedules work out or if another entry does come to fruition. However, Ellison finds herself in a race against time as her own Judgement Day will occur in 2018 when the film rights revert back to James Cameron. It's of utmost importance that one or two slapped-together rush-job sequels are in theaters before that time. (Deadline)