With the news, right before CES, that Vizio is discontinuing their line of 3D TVs, that's pretty much that for the innovation that was the toast of 2010. ESPN killed their 3D channel last year, and though some Blu-Rays DVDs still exist, it's unlikely studios will pump money into new ones knowing that the possible audience is shrinking, not growing.

Does this mean 3D TV is dead?

For now, yes. But these things have ways of taking on second lives. Laserdiscs become DVDs, HD DVD users migrate to Blu-Ray, etc. The real death knell here was the absence of programming, and the fact that 90% of the time, you had to wear stupid goggle in your house. It was little more than a novelty, but as things progress, we could expect to see a pretty big resurgence.

Because who doesn't love 50% more D?