David Cronenberg's upcoming adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis already managed to get America's Albino Robert Pattinson for the lead role. Now, clamoring to get on the Pattinson bandwagon, Juliette Binoche is also signed on for the movie. She's joinin Paul Giamatti and (possibly) Mathieu Almaric in a movie about Pattinson cruising through Manhattan in his limo getting into all kinds of shenanigans:
"[A] young billionaire, who during the course of one day traveling across Manhattan in his limo, manages to cheat on his wife, deal with protesters and another antagonist or two, and encounter some financial trouble."

No word on what part Binoche will actually be playing. Back when Colin Farrell was cast in the lead it was speculated she would be playing the main character's wife, but that seems a little less likely given Pattinson's age. (via /Film)