It's pretty much a certainty that Julie & Julia will lack any semblance of edge or bad-assery.  In spite of the fact that Julia Child was a spy before she was a cook, we think feel-good writer/director Nora Ephron chose to ignore that (here's hoping, however, that Paul Greengrass will direct a prequel to this movie focusing on her days as an impulsive secret agent).  The principal actresses Meryl Streep and Amy Adams don't really scream "gritty" either.  So, all hope would be lost for any sultriness in the film opening today, save for Vanessa Ferlito. The Brooklyn-born beauty is most recently known for delivering a sexy lap dance to Kurt Russel in the extended version of Death Proof.  You may also remember her from the Tommy Lee Jones' film Man of the House (okay, we only remember the "This is my happy faaace!" line from that movie too).

A word from Vanessa: "Directors look at me and think, Brooklyn, rough and tough. But I can also hang out with Helen Mirren."

To be fair, Helen Mirren can hang in Brooklyn too.  Let's not forget that she's credited for the clapping at the beginning of the KRS-One song "MC's Act Like They Don't Know" But that's besides the point; check out more hot photos of Vanessa after the jump!