I do not watch "Dancing With The Stars," but if I did, perhaps I'd be dancing around my tiny apartment with the knowledge that Julianne Hough is starring in a major motion picture. I don't see many musicals, but if I did, I migh break out into song about the Broadway musical Rock of Ages being Hough's big new starring role. However, since I'm not big fan of either thing, I will remain calm and unexcited.

Hough is starring alongside Tom Cruise and Mary J. Blige as "a girl who comes to Los Angeles looking for the dream." Ughhh. Tom Cruise plays a rock star named "Stacee Jaxx." Ughhh. The film's director, Adam Shankman (Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - Ughhh), describes Hough as being "the most open, sweet ray of sunshine of the world..." Ughhh. He goes on to announce that the lead music producer in the film is from"Glee." Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wow, where did all those "ughhh"-saying zombies come from?

So I probably won't be catching this one, you guys. If I want to hear Journey and Bon Jovi songs, I'll just play them in my gloriously plot-free, "Glee"-free iTunes library. (TheWrap)