A Delaware judge overturned a ruling fining a local theater $80,000 for using a "condescending tone" in instructing the largely black audience of a Tyler Perry film to not talk during the picture. Some members of a 90-95% black audience filed a grievance against the theater after claiming the theater manager prefaced the showing with instructions conveyed in a tone that "was offensive and condescending, as if he were speaking to children." Following the film, a handful of members, at the behest of an employee in the state's Human Relations Division convened to discuss recourse.

While it's clear that this lawsuit addresses racial discrimination and stereotyping, perhaps the theater owner was adopting a condescending tone simply because these people had paid to see a horrible, horrible film. If I step into a Ferrari dealership and extoll the virtues of a Kia, I'm going to get the same treatment. In this example, Tyler Perry is a Kia and every other director is something better than a Kia. Audiences at Kevin James and Michael Bay movies will receive similar condescending treatment, per the theater operator's manual that I'm drafting.

While it sounds like an unpleasant situation all around, there is a silver lining. It has been cited that only 23 individuals were involved in the lawsuit. Assuming they were all black, that means that the total audience for a Tyler Perry film could have numbered as few as 26 people(23/.95, thankyouverymuch).

That's a statistic we can all get behind. (Film Drunk)