Jude Law is putting his talent for sleeping with castmates up on the big screen. He has joined the gang bang that is Fernando Meirelles's relationship drama 360. A retelling of the classic play, Reigen, the story shows a variety of characters just before or just after a secretive boot-knocking. After each scene, one of the partners carries over into the next scene and so on until the hook-ups come round full circle.

The rest of the cast is made up of names known and unknown. That's because the film travels around the world, tackling scenes in English, German, French, Austrian, Russian, Moroccan, Algerian and Brazilian. The actors previously attached are Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Wiesz, Ben Foster, Jarnel Debouze, Juliano Cazarre, Maria flor, and Karl Markovic.

That means that Jude Law's saliva will indirectly end up in Anthony Hopkins' mouth which, let's face it, has probably already happened by now anyway. (via The Playlist)