Judd Apatow Wants Paul Rudd to ‘Knock Up’ His Wife…Sort Of

Thursday, January 6 by

Judd Apatow is returning to familiar territory with a spin-off of his highest grossing film, Knocked Up. Variety is reporting that the writer/director is working on a project that will reunit Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. The pair will reprise their roles as a married couple from the original film. Mann also happens to be Apatow’s wife, which is a little creepy. I’m not really into that Rex Ryan stuff. But if I had to film someone else messing around with my wife, Paul Rudd would be the guy. I like his smug attitude. I bet he’d really put her in her place.

The as yet untitled project (Knocked Down? Cocked Up?) won’t hit theaters until June 1st, 2012, so for those of you who were hoping to watch it with your grandma, it’s not looking good. (Coming Soon)

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