Judd Apatow & Paul Feig Kill Our Dreams

Wednesday, October 10 by

Much like that cat from Pet Sematary, Arrested Development’s return from the grave seemed like a good thing at first but has eventually brought with it destruction. The destruction of hope. When the cult favorite series was resurrected, comedy nerds called to see more of their departed favorites via Twitter, the Internet’s Ouija board.

Their calls to the other side have been heard. And rejected.

EW asked co-creator Judd Apatow about the likelihood of a movie, but it seems that he doesn’t want to go there.

“I love the question mark at the end of the series, so I never want to know more than that. It is the reason why you don’t want to find out what happened, like when they got off the bus in The Graduate.”

Paul Feig also crushes us, adding additional pressure onto the creators of Party Down.  “I mean it could be great, but if it’s anything less than great, then it just waters down the memory of the rest of the show. For some reason that becomes the last thing you’ve done, and I always feel like if you don’t get it right it erases the memory of what came before it. But I don’t know. If we came up with a great idea, who knows?”

So, there is hope?! Thank God those kids haven’t grown out of their awkward phases yet!

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