Judd Apatow Donates His Cynicism To Celebrity ‘Do Gooders’?

Friday, March 18 by

Comedy kingpin Judd Apatow is a celebrity, but you don’t see him flying off to Africa to adopt/steal a bunch of babies. So I think he might be onto something with a new movie pitch he’s negotiating to sell to Universal. Well, he’s certainly not gonna donate it to them, free of charge.

Do Gooders is a pitch by screenwriters Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck (“King of the Hill”), which would be produced by Apatow Productions. Though details are under wraps, it’s supposedly about “actors with caring hearts keen to help those in need.” Judging by the title and that description, I’m expecting the comedy to poke fun at actor/philanthropist/better-than-you’s like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Speaking of, I don’t think they’ve adopted a would-otherwise-be-poor Cambodian baby in awhile. They’re slacking off…

The pitch is not intended for Apatow to direct. (Hollywood Reporter)

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