The Crow
is back from the dead and ready to paint its face... to freak you out.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Days Later) has been chosen by Relativity Media to reboot The Crow.  This is a good film to remake, because a film that comes back from the dead is impervious to harm done by movie critics. According to the press release, the new film will concern Eric Draven, but hopefully it won't be Draven passing on the crow torch to his crow-loving son or something.
"The original Crow was groundbreaking cinema," says prodcuer Edward R. Pressman. "Its gothic visual and musical ideas influenced a generation and cinema itself. With Juan Carlos, we have every confidence that his new Crow will have a similar impact on the contemporary audience."

People still love Tim Burton movies, right? The kids dig that goth stuff. Plus, as long as nobody dies on set, there should be a lot of gloomy money to be made.