Josh Schwartz has made a good living refusing to do any work that acknowledges the existence of any people over the age of twenty. It looks like the Gossip Girl/The O.C. creator is taking that ethos with him in his big screen debut, a teen comedy entitled Fun Size. Fun Size follows a girl around as she takes her little brother out to go trick-or-treating, then loses him, prompting zany hijinks that may or may not include toilet paper and garden hoses.

Schwartz will direct and serve as producer under his Fake Empire banner with partner Stephanie Savage. This project comes on the heels of Fake Empire's announcement that they had secured the rights to Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, which is maybe, just maybe, another teen movie as well. Actually, it's about a family that takes in an exchange student who takes in an exchange student who turns out to be an assassin. I wonder if she'll fall in love with the host family's awkward but goodhearted son!

Mr. Schwartz definitely has a type, though it seems, on the little information we have about both projects, that his theater fare is more broad and accessible than his TV shows about machiavellia high school juniors trying to "destroy" Blake Lively with needlessly complex plots. (Variety)