It would seem that Josh Lucas has an affinity for period pieces. Or period pieces have an affinity for Lucas. Either way, he's in a lot of them these days. He has just signed on to play aviator Charles Lindbergh in the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed biopic J. Edgar, with DiCaprio playing the titular role. What does Charles Lindbergh have to do with former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover? I have not the foggiest idea, but one thing's for certain: If Josh Lucas was cast to play him, then Charles Lindbergh must have been a very, very handsome man.

Not content sticking to one historically significant character per year, Lucas is also in the running to be no less than Honest Abe himself in the much-anticipated film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Lucas seems like an odd pick to play Lincoln, but the entire premise of the movie seems odd, so who knows what will work and what won't.

Further solidifying the assertion that Lucas has caught "Lincoln Fever," Lucas' next role will be opposite Matthew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer, about a lawyer who practices out of the back of his Lincoln automobile. Josh Lucas: One-stop shopping for all your cinematic Lincoln-related needs. (Deadline)