The hunt for the protagonist of the much-anticipated Oldboy remake is apparently over, with the coveted role going to Josh Brolin. Spike Lee will be helming the adaptation of the Korean revenge film. One can only assume that Brolin's participation is in part due to his lingering guilt over just having wrapped Men In Black III.

Oldboy opens with a man kidnapped and imprisoned for years, only to be released one day with no explanation. The film then follows Oldboy as he tries to put the pieces together and exact revenge. Things get worse for him before they get better.

Spike Lee is an interesting choice here, as he tends to dwell more on commentary than he does on character studies, though The 25th Hour is a glaring exception that gives hope for this project. This is the first casting announcement made, so the parts of Oldboy's nemesis and his love interest remain outstanding. While Brolin doesn't jump out as the perfect man for the job, he's always good for a solid performance. One can hope that he'll nail the idiosyncrasies and mania that plague the main character as well as Min-sik Choi did.