Joseph Gordon-Levitt Retreats From ‘GI Joe 2′

Tuesday, May 3 by

The real Cobra Commander wouldn’t walk away from a fight with the Joes, unless he was about to lose. However, we’re not talking about the awesomely-faceless cartoon character. In the awful GI Joe movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred as the scratchy-voiced villain. Since then, Levitt has become a hot commodity with Inception and a much discussed by geeks role in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, GI Joe 2 got a director in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never director Jon M. Chu. So, I think we can see where this is headed: Levitt signed on for GI Joe 2, four additional sequels and a TV show… but you know… not that.

Levitt confirmed in a recent interview he won’t be screaming “retreeeeeat” anytime soon, and won’t be back for GI Joe 2 to reprise his key role. Many of the characters in the first one aren’t coming back: only Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Duke. However, the movie has reportedly been subtitled Cobra Strikes. Does this mean another actor will step in for Levitt? If only we knew, because knowing is 45-55% of the battle. (Collider)

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