Jonah Hill, a guy who doesn't so much star in movies as he does hang out in front of them, might start hanging out behind the camera instead.

The actor/writer is in talks to helm The Kitchen Sink for Sony Pictures, the studio from whom he co-wrote and co-stars in 21 Jump Street. Kitchen Sink centers around high school aged zombie, vampire and human who team up to fight aliens invading their hometown. Think The Breakfast Club meets all those mash-up novels publishers are churning out. In fact, writer Oren Uziel - whose screenplay was blacklisted - got the title from the idea that everything, including the kitchen sink, was in this film. Still no word yet then on how pirates, robots and leprechauns are worked in.

I'm imagining Hill having an awkward argument with one of the actors, then they make up and have a longish hug, but somebody else walks in - sees the hug - and wonders if they're gay. What a delightful misunderstanding. (Deadline)