Jonah Hill Liked Indie-Music Thriller ‘Pitchfork’ Before It Was Cool

Wednesday, June 8 by

While Cyrus may not have been a huge commercial success, it won enough critics to make the principals want to get the band back together for Pitchfork, a “dramatic thriller” that revolves around the world of indie rock. The film would reunite star Jonah Hill, and the Duplas brothers, Jay and Mark, who directed Cyrus. In the film, an indie rock musician dies in a car wreck, after which, his mother begins to hound a music writer who was critical of her son’s work.

So it’s not dumb luck that the film is named after the both famous and infamous music site. Jonah Hill would play the stuck up blogger with the $100 hair cut, the goddamn American Spirits, stupid, ironic “Go Metric” t-shirt.


I’m sorry. My rage got away from there. I just can’t stand hipsters.

What’s up with the recent string of films that place Hill amidst the music industry? We’ve got Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he played an aspiring musician trying to get signed, Get Him to the Greek, in which he played an agent, and now this. Jared Leto is not going to be happy about this at all.

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