Johnny Knoxville Offers Up ‘Jackass 3.5′ Spoilers

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Johnny Knoxville came to the Venice Family Clinics Silver Circle Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons on Feb. 28. He was happy to support the cause, and eager to meet Judd Apatow, the night’s honoree for the Humanitarian Award. He was dressed up, but colorful with a red jacket for the formal affair.

He really lit up when I started asking him about Jackass 3.5 and told us some of the crazy stunts we’ll see in the digital exclusive sequel. It’s nice to know that a Jackass still takes pride in his work.

Q: Is the Venice Family Clinic the Jackass crew’s clinic of choice for your injuries?

JK: Yes, if we get injured, we demand to be taken there. No matter if we’re in New Mexico, we have to be flown back.

Q: Do you use your Jackass money to give back to charity?

JK: Yes, I have, yes.

Q: We’re very excited about the digital release of Jackass 3.5. What cool stunts got left out of Jackass 3-D that we’re going to finally get to see?

JK: Oh man, we’re really proud of Jackass 3.5. There’s a lot of great stuff in it. We name things so ridiculously. I love the bit it first starts off with. I can’t for the life of me think of what we named it but Ryan Dunn has a rocket attached to his crotch, and we ignite it and it goes on a line all the way up about, I don’t know, 70 feet away to Bam’s anus. Bam catches it with his anus, the penis rocket. That’s pretty artsy.

Q: You rode a jet ski in a tuxedo. What else do we see you do in 3.5?

JK: Oh, there’s a funny thing with Steve-O, a bit he’s turned down for 6-7 years. It’s with an alligator snapping turtle. He finally does it in 3.5. After he got finished doing the bit, he’s like, “No wonder I turned that down for 7 years.”

Q: Was he upset that it got cut out of Jackass 3-D after he finally did it?

JK: No. Well, everyone gets a little upset when something doesn’t make it, especially when they get injured. They understand that 3.5 is going to be a big deal and people will see it then. One of my favorite things I ever shot and one thing that took us longer to shoot than any bit we ever shot is in 3.5. It’s Incredible Nut Shots. Have you ever seen those basketball montages of people doing amazing basketball shots, from like 100 feet away, kick it and it goes into a basketball hoop.

Q: I see where you’re going with this.

JK: We do the same thing with nuts, with basketballs. Some shots took three days and 13 hours to get. I set a record, I did one in Long Beach off the Ferris Wheel. It took two full days, 1 ½ days, 11 hours of riding the Ferris Wheel continuously.

Q: And you wait ‘til you’re at the top?

JK: Yeah, I wait ‘til I get to the top and throw it and it ricochets off a trampoline into Dave England. No one’s ridden a Ferris Wheel that much down there.

Q: Are they all into Dave’s nuts?

JK: No, everyone. I got some. It was the last thing to go out of Jackass 3.

Q: Was there a lot of pressure at the studio to put it out theatrically since Jackass 3-D did so well?

JK: There was talk of it. Jackass 3.5 is great but we wanted to put it out like it was intended, on DVD and online. So we’re very excited about it coming out. We shot some really funny wraparound interviews for the bits in Spain and Ireland, took the cast over there. We got some great stuff.

Q: Do we have to wait until 2014 to get the gang back together?

JK: Oh, I don’t know, man. We’re open to it now. I don’t know what’s going on. We’re not saying no to a 4 but we’re just kind of stepping back for a second.

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