If you believed the credible reports that Johnny Knoxville was extremely close to playing Moe in the Farrell Brothers' rebooting of The Three Stooges, then the real "stooges" are you and I, my  friend. The real stooges... are you and I.

Knoxville was considering the role, but wisely backed away before serious negotiations took place. Unlike the Farrelly's, Knoxville has made several hit movies in the past decade, though both their filmographies include movies about bad things happening to dudes' balls. I'm guessing Hall Pass was Knoxville's pass out of Stoogeland. So that leaves the gross out brothers with three roles to fill, rather than two.

Knoxville is eyeing other projects, including a merging of the Jackass and Broken Lizard crews in a film amazingly titled Mustache Riders. He's also producing, and possibly starring in, a movie about a man whose wife runs for president. It has the less amazing title of First Man and will be written/directed by Max Winkler. (Hollywood Reporter)