Johnny Depp To Star In Disney’s ‘Oz’ And All Future Disney Movies

Wednesday, January 19 by

Between the Pirates of the Caribbean series and Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp has essentially been sleeping on Mickey Mouse‘s couch for almost a decade now. Minnie disapproves but doesn’t say anything.

For awhile, it looked like Robert Downey Jr. would star in director Sam Raimi‘s prequel to The Wizard of Oz for Disney. Called Oz: Great And Powerful, the story centers around the literal man behind the curtain, The Wizard of Oz himself. Sounds like Wicked, but without the horrible, ear-defying songs.

However, Tony Stark hopped away in his Iron Man suit and flew away from the Emerald City. Perhaps he’s got enough on his plate with superheroing and super sleuthing.

So, naturally, the Disney folks called Johnny Depp. They used the telephone in CEO Bob Iger’s office that’s a direct line to Depp’s secret meditation cave. Now The King of Film Goths is in talks to play The Wizard, and with Depp starring, it would almost certainly be dark, moody, in 3D and lean way too heavily on CGI, to the point where they make the Munchkins CG characters and you’d wonder, “couldn’t they have just hired a few real life midgets? Wouldn’t that have been cheaper, better and easier?”

Depp’s shooting schedule also includes Tim Burton’s (natch) Dark Shadows and Disney’s (double natch) Lone Ranger, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, so he may not have time for Oz. Jesus, I’d hate to be in charge of that guy’s iCal. (Cinema Blend)

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