Johnny Depp Signs On for Pirates 4, The Lone Ranger

Thursday, September 25 by

Don’t worry, economy. Once Johnny Depp and Jerry Bruckheimer get done making Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and The Lone Ranger for Disney, they should have more than enough money to bail us out of this pesky recession. Johnny’s not even playing the Lone Ranger, he’s only going to be Tonto, but something tells me Disney isn’t going to be paying him in giant turkey legs.

The plans for both movies were announced yesterday, along with Disney’s plans to release another Cars movie in 2011. The big news is really about Depp, though, who is also going to be playing The Mad Hatter in the 3-D version of Alice in Wonderland, which is slated for 2011. Personally, I’m happy that he still has time to do some movies suitable for adults, like The Rum Diary, but I can’t fault him for wanting to wanting to fill up his Scrooge McDuck vault with more gold coins.

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