[caption id="attachment_6915" align="alignnone" width="465" caption="Burton directs Depp on the fine art of pointing."]


Johnny Depp has officially locked himself in for the big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows with his best friend in the whole wide world Tim Burton directing. Filming has been slated for April, which means it's a big no can do from Depp to Snow White and the Huntsman. I believe Treat Williams is next on the casting list for that film.

Depp will play Barnabas Collins in the adaptation of the supernatural soap, which ran on ABC from 1966-1971. Seth Grahame-Green, of adding scary elements to classic novels and historical figures fame, rewrote a draft by John August. Burton will now take that draft and do a spiral staircase pass. You really can't have enough of them in a one film. (Deadline)