Though there is no historical record that Harry Houdini enjoyed wearing fancy hats, Johnny Depp is in talks to play the famed magician anyway. There's also no historical record that Houdini was an action hero but that is also the plan here. The Secret Life of Houdini posits that the escapist was also a British spy who gathered intel when he wasn't busy drowning himself in front of an audience. After all, magicians are good at keeping secrets. If you kept a deck of cards crammed up your ass, you probably wouldn't tell either.

Red 2's Dean Parisot is attached to direct with hopes of shooting to begin in the fall before Depp has to go off and play Drunk Pirate again. It's impossible to film both movies in tandem because if Depp forgets to wipe off his eyeliner, Houdini's continuity will be ruined. (THR)