Johnny Depp has left Emir Kusturica's The Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Seven Fingers after realizing the role calls for a Mexican actor and he can't pull that off no matter what he does with his facial hair.

Not to worry though, Kusturica is already seeking a replacement to star opposite the still-attached Salma Hayek. with plans to meet with Benicio Del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal. Bernal seems very confident that he'll win the role, having been quoted recently as saying, “I will probably land the leading role because of physical resemblance with Pancho Villa” and “I believe Emir is the only director who can do the Pancho Villa story. Even better than any Mexican director. You know why? Because he is a kind of Pancho Villa in his own right.”

"Besides, did you see The Wolfman? Ay dios mio," I added while talking in a Gael Garcia Bernal voice. (via The Playlist)