On Stranger Tides
should theoretically be better than the last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which were surprisingly plotty for films based on a theme park ride. However, Johnny Depp looks a little... concerned in the new poster. Maybe it's because a burning ship is eventually gonna hit him in the back. Or maybe it's because he's got to resist the lure of those attractive mermaids. Uh, from what I know about the way Depp portrays Captain Jack Sparrow, I don't think the latter is the problem. (His "blackbeard" in this movie is Penelope Cruz.)

Or perhaps Depp is just looking off into the distance, wondering how he got imprisoned by his own success. There'll probably be, like, 11 more of these movies, and he can't refuse those gigantic novelty checks from Disney. There's not enough will power in the world to resist that kind of sweet, sweet booty. So these might be Stranger Tides for us, but for the guy who'll be portraying this same character for many more years to come, they're likely becoming stale waters.

On Stranger Tides mournfully yarrs into theaters May 20th. (ScreenRant)