Cameron Crowe is doing an ensemble dramedy with a rock soundtrack. Also, the sky is blue. Another name has been added to the all-star cast of We Bought a Zoo, a movie in which a family, after losing their mother, buys a zoo and lives there, with little else known about the script, save for a love interest and hijinks. However, much has been discussed about the strong cast, which somehow got more interesting with the addition of John Michael Higgins, best known as the "other, other, other guy" from the Christopher Guest universe. He also has had scene-stealing performances in both The Break-Up and lauded TV series Arrested Development.

Higgins joins the wildly over-scheduled Matt Damon, as well as Elle Fanning, Patrick Fugit, Angus McFayden, Scarlett Johansson, and Thomas Haden Church in Crowe's first outing since the divisive Elizabethtown in 2005. Only two things are known about Higgins character at this time. He's a zoo inspector (!) who's got it out for Damon, and he's “cursed with an active and loud stomach.” Dial up the wacky to 11!

Because Cameron Crowe films are required by law to have thoughtful, nostalgic rock soundtracks, Eddie Vedder and Neil Young will feature prominently in the soundtrack. I wouldn't rule out an appearance by Crowe's wife, Nancy Wilson on the soundtrack as well. The project has been fast tracked for a December 23, 2011 release. (Playlist)