It's official. John Malkovich will be the Vulture. That is if there is a Vulture. Spider-Man 4 shooting has been delayed while Sam Raimi and the studio settle their differences. Meanwhile, John Malkovich has confirmed to Italian soccer TV show Quelli Che il Calcio, that he is waiting on a script and he hopes shooting will begin soon.

As previously reported, the reason for the row between Raimi and the suits is over the choice of villian. Raimi wants Malkovich to strap on the serrated wings of the Vulture and the studio wants someone who can sell Happy Meals. I don't know what it is about Malkovich but he makes toddlers lose their appetites. Maybe they're still grossed out from his nude scene in Dangerous Liasons.

At any rate, we'll surely keep you posted on this story. Will Raimi make the film he wants? Will Malkovich fall at the hands of Studio Mogul-Man?? Find out on the next thrilling episode of Spider-Man 4 Internet Rumors.

Arrogant bastard... (via Collider)