John Hawkes To Follow Up ‘Winter’s Bone’ With Something Depressing Instead

Tuesday, March 15 by

Actors often say that they don’t want to get pigeonholed, so they change up the type of projects they take so as not to get into a rut. And so it appears to be with recently Oscar-nominated John Hawkes (“Eastbound and Down“), who must not want to be to heavily associated with bright and happy comedies like Winter’s Bone – because his next movie is Surrogate, about a poet who spent his entire life from age 6 in an iron lung due to polio.

That’s not even the most depressing part, though. You might be wondering why the movie is called Surrogate. Here’s the horrifying truth: The poet (named Mark O’Brien), had a point in his life during which he hired a “sex surrogate to help him explore his sexuality.” Ugggghhhhh! I mean, more power to Mark O’Brien but UGGGHHHH, right? Anyway, it’s not known whether Hawkes will be playing O’Brien or the titular surrogate, but either way, this is going to be a depressing-ass movie. I hope he goes back to doing light, funny movies like Winter’s Bone soon. (via The Playlist)

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