In news that serves as a refreshing sorbet after the heavy entrees that were the passings of Tony Scott and Phyllis Diller, John Goodman is in talks to join the third installation of The Hangover. You know, the one that promises to simultaneously "mix things up" but also "give you more of what you loved about the first two?"

All that is known is that Goodman is up for a "small part," which is ripe for satire because the man is fucking enormous, possibly as a villain. He will be joining Ken Jeong and Heather Graham in the third and final installment, so...yeah.

So John Goodman will either be playing a cliched crime boss, or possibly Zach Galifianakis' uncle. Either way, I think I speak for much of our readership when I say that we're very excited to watch this movie on our iPads two years after this film hits theaters during a weather delay at O'Hare.