John Cusack is making a new movie that's being described as a "screwball comedy." I didn't think comedies were still described as "screwball" - not since 80s movies with titles like Screwballz or Bikini University. However, the C-Sack is starring in a new entry to the genre called Dictablanda.

Director Alejandro Agresti (The Lake House) will helm Dictablanda, which sounds like a furniture line at IKEA. The name actually translates to 'Soft Dictator', which is what Muammar Gaddafi calls it when he can't get it up. *Rimshot* Kevin Morris and Paul Hipp (to be square) star alongside Cusack. The film is about an "international incident" and has the hilarious tag line: "People don't die, they get killed." Uh, okay. If you say so, movie tag line.

Filming begins later this month in Argentina. (Cinema Blend)