‘John Carter’ Director Andrew Stanton To Earn Back Losses With ‘Finding Nemo 2′

Tuesday, July 17 by
Have you seen me? 

After losing Disney $200 million, John Carter director Andrew Stanton has been ordered to earn it back. So instead of doing the sensible thing by earning it back by turning around a dead mall and clearing all the wolves out, he’s opted to get back on top by directing a follow-up to his biggest film to date, Finding Nemo.

Andrew Stanton is heading back to animation, signing on to direct a sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, the 2003 modern classic he co-directed.

Victoria Strouse, who wrote the 2008 Black list script The Apostles of Infinite Love, is writing the script and Lindsey Collins is producing. A 2016 release date is being eyed. (THR)

Not sure what the story will be about?  Will Nemo get lost again? Some fish just have a knack for getting lost I guess. He’s like Carl from The Walking Dead. Or perhaps he’ll be fishnapped by that seagull’s relatives as revenge. If so, they’ll need a fish with a very particular set of skills to bring him back. Think Taken meets Mr. Limpet and please let that happen.


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