The Hunger Games will not be outdone by the flurry of casting news from Savages. Keeping the buzz train chugging along, the producers have offered the part of the ludicrously-named Haymitch Abernathy to John C. Reilly. Abernathy was noteworthy for being the only resident of District 12 to ever win The Hunger Games, which sounds like a Taco Bell promotional contest, but is actually something that is probably VERY important to dumb teenagers.

John C. Reilly wouldn't be my first choice to play a character that is capable of winning anything, but things make a little more sense when I learned that Haymitch Abernathy is now the alcoholic mentor of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). That clears things up nicely.

Expect more roles with ridiculous names to be cast in the near future. (Vulture)