When I'm not writing on ScreenJunkies, I write scripts, which means I write scripts about never.  But when I used to have time to write scripts, I became avid reader of successful scribe John August's Blog.  If you don't know John August, he's the dude who wrote Go, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, the Frankenweenie feature, and others.  I think my favorite thing he's ever written, though, is his blog.  Sort of like how my favorite thing that Stephen King's ever written is his non-fiction On Writing, an exposé into the inner workings of King, the writer. 

Anyway, John August has really made his blog into a database of invaluable knowledge for aspiring screenwriters, and he's now started toadd what he's calling a "scriptcast," which is basically an instructional video installment.  His most recent example is called "Entering a Scene," and teaches you how to make a character's entrance more engaging.  More specifically, he chooses to describe a character as having a bolo tie and a walrus-like mustache."

A little research will probably uncover that John August and Wilford Brimley share the same agent. 

Watch and learn some screenwriting after the jump, if you ever want to work in this town again.