Yeah, Sylvester Stallone is reuniting with the Expendables crew for a part 2, but Jason Statham and Jet Li aren't the only guys Rocky will be re-teaming with in the near future. He's now set to partner-up with his Demolition Man producer Joel Silver. Though Silver will probably not be joining in for any on-screen kill fests.

[post-video postid="5193"] Silver is producing a new Stallone hitman action movie under his Dark Castle Entertainment banner. Stallone plays an older New Orleans hitman who teams up with a young NYC cop to get some vengeance. Badda-bing badda-whoa, those two types are way different. However, vengeance supersedes all cultural differences and unites us all... as people.

The story is based on the graphic novel Bullet to the Head, written by Matz and illustrated by Colin Wilson. Walter Hill is attached to direct.