Joe Wright's ass-kicking Hanna is headed to theaters next month, so he's looking to line up his next film. How does one follow up a tense and moody action flick? By returning to slow, plodding period pieces, of course. Dammit.

Wright's hoping to get Anna Karenina up and running with go-to Oscar baiter, Tom Stoppard, whittling down the narrative. “You can [make a 2 hour movie] if you’ve got Tom Stoppard writing. He’s done an amazing script which involves Levin’s story as well as Anna’s story. Yeah, Tom Stoppard is just..also, he’s so immersed in Russian history and culture and identity or lack of it.”

He doesn't come out right out and say it but he implies that Keira Knightley is his top choice to star. “Not sure yet. It’s fairly obvious, but I can’t quite say. She hasn’t signed on the line yet. I’m loyal to my actors.”

I appreciate any director who doesn't string us along with endless casting shortlists. However, should Knightley not sign on, I'm fully prepared to Photoshop a picture of Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, and Mia Wasikowska all leg-wrestling for the role. Actually I may just go ahead and do that anyway for my own usage. (via The Playlist)