Joe Wright is getting all literary on our asses with his upcoming Anna Karenina adaptation, and he's hired or is hoping to hire all of the actors you'd expect him to for a literary adaptation. Last we heard, Keira Knightley was his top pick, with Jude Law and Aaron Johnson also up for parts. They are all in with the addition of a few others.

“Keira’s confirmed, Jude Law’s confirmed, Aaron Johnson’s confirmed, Kelly Macdonald's confirmed, Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed. I’m still waiting on Saoirse and James,” Wright told The Playlist.

Of course, Saoirse and James refers to Seahorse Rainman Saoirse Ronan and James McAvoy. The Wright alums are up for unspecified roles, but it has been revealed that Keira Knightley will play the title role, Jude Law will chill as her drip of a husband, and Aaron Johnson will play the young soldier who she allows to crawl on top of her while naked. When the book was first released, their affair was deemed very illicit by Russian society. So let's assume things will get pretty kinky. We're talking Dirty Sanchezes, Glass Bottom Boats, and the potentially-fatal "Cumberbatch."