Joe Eszterhas Is Going To Turn You On With His ‘Lust’

Thursday, April 7 by

The heyday of the erotic thriller has passed, but Joe Eszterhas forges ahead, penning screenplays that use “sexy” as a plot point. In the vein of Sliver, Showgirls, and Basic Instinct comes Lust, a film with Eszterhas’ fingerprints all over it. Set in sexy Miami, the film tells the story of a sexy 30 year-old woman who is marred to a sexy man, but gets seduced by a sexy younger playboy. If you think that’s it, then you don’t know Joe Eszterhas, my friend.

The sexy younger playboy has a sexy Russian assistant that is in love with him, who videotapes the sexy playboy and the sexy wife in order to show it to her sexy husband (the second character I mentioned, in case I’ve lost you).

Smell that? That’s Lust.

All this eroticism doesn’t come cheap. Stone Village Production is looking for $30 million to get the project going for a late-summer start. Which, not coincidentally, is one of the eight sexiest times to begin production on a film. (THR)

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