The crazy Mel Gibson puppet movie has a later release date. The Beaver, directed by and starring Jodie Foster, was supposed to open on March 23rd in limited release, but Summit Entertainment changed their schedule. Instead of burying The Beaver in Spring, they're gonna launch a limited release in May 6th and open wide on May 2oth. It'll be Pirates vs. Beavers that weekend, which will hopefully be turned into a terrible game for Nintendo Wii.

The reason for the switch? Summit wants to build on buzz from their SXSW premiere, and Foster is shooting Roman Polanski's Gods of Carnage until mid-March. Moving the date will give her more time to promote her Beaver when it's finally revealed to mass-audiences. Also, she's gone from working with Mel Gibson to Roman Polanksi? Maybe she'll star in a movie with Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods next. (Collider)