[post-album postid="211258" item="1"]We Own The Night's James Gray is reteaming with his homie forever, Joaquin Phoenix, for his next film, Low Life. The Dark Knight Rises star Marion Cotillard has also signed on and expectations are that Jeremy Renner will join as well.

The story follows Cotillard as a woman attempting to immigrate to America from Poland. While in transit, her sister falls ill and she is forced to trade sex for medicine. Damaged from the experience, she's preyed upon by Phoenix's charming sleazebag character once she arrives in America.  He turns her out and probably charges extra for pooping on the chest. If Renner does sign on, he'll play the charming magician who sweeps her off her feet and offers her a way out of her bleak existence. It's also likely that he'll be able to have his chest pooped on for free. Because that's love, you guys. (Deadline)