JJ Abrams's brain is so full of ideas that he's now forced to farm them out more than ever (or just take someone else's idea and agree to put his brand name on it). In addition to his multiple television series, Super 8, Star Trek 2 prep work, Cloverfield 2 brainstorming, and that rap album he's cutting with Matt Reeves, he's now sold a book to Little Brown.

Well, an idea for a book. The actual writing will be done by Alive in Necropolis author Doug Dorst but the idea came from Abrams. Of course, the concept is being closely guarded and steeped in mystery. Intrepid fans can gather clues to the plot that won't make a lick of sense by flipping quickly through the pages of the Super 8 novelization. If you flip fast enough, you could see the image of an eyeball and a house on fire. Which, of course, means that Greg Grunberg will handle the narration for the book-on-tape version. (New York Times)